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March 10, 2004

Okay Guys, let's get Cracking!

I'm being assaulted by the Canadian Army, and frankly, it's just plain embarrassing.

In comments to the overturned tank post below, I got sniped. JMH, my window into Her Britannic Majesty's Northern Gate Guards, sent me this little Mouse That Roared piece, which mortified me, even if it is a little bit stale.

US Tankers, this is a tough pill to swallow.

Lord Strathcona's Horse - 31


116 (US) Armored Cavalry Brigade - 27

Close, but no ceegar! Close only counts in my biz - artillery.

Okay - the challenge for you tankers out there - defend your honor by pointing out any time we kicked Canadian butt (no nasty comments, please - just the facts, ma'am). Reality is guys, our record against the Canadians militarily on this continent isn't all that good, what with all our half-assed attempts to assimilate them in the 18th-19th centuries. I mean, shoot, the last time us Middle-North Americans successfully kick butt, it was booting the French from Louisbourg, which hardly counts -and that as Brit colonial militia under Brit leadership! So help me out here and gimme some ammo to fight with this Canadian who comes over to the Castle and twits me while drinking my beer!

BTW, you gents of the 116th - Good Luck and Godspeed on your pending departure for the sandbox!