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March 03, 2004

More on rifle attachments.

The Commissar asks a question in a comment to the rifle pic below. The answer to his question leads to a new entry...

The Commissar had probably better stick to banking and aviation history...

The sharp pointy things don't interfere with shooting, though the
design of the Beaumont bayonet does reflect the muzzle-loading era when the
bayonet had to be offset so that the soldier could load the weapon.

No, the only bad ju-ju for the rifles in this pic would be if the
soldier firing the rodded grenade got excited and used a bullet rather than
a blank. That would cause some excitement, with minimum a bulged
barrel, and if the barrel didn't burst (they are pretty strong) the wood
might still shatter at the bulge, which would annoy the soldier and his
compadres. It happened often enough anyway when launching rodded
grenades that rifles no longer suitable for accurate fire were taken and had
the stocks wrapped in wire to prevent just that from happening.

Like the top rifle in this photograph, which is a SMLE with grenade discharger cup attached:

The other rifles are also British, second one down a SMLE with wire-cutter attachment, the next a No 4 Mk 1 with spike bayonet, and the one below that a No 5 Mk 1 Jungle Carbine with bayonet.