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March 01, 2004

Time to push your Senators!

Published as a public service to gun owners and wannabe gun owners nationwide. Remember - don't rely on the firearms industry to help on this. They don't care about the AWB ban, and they don't care about gun shows. It's not their ox being gored there. News Flash Attention all Newsletter subscribers- the next 48 hours will determine the future of gun shows and gun collecting in the U.S. YOU NEED TO TAKE ACTION IMMEDIATELY, RIGHT NOW! As you know the Senate is debating SB 1805 to provide protection to the firearms industry against frivolous lawsuits being orchestrated by the gun ban lobby with the aim of putting all gun makers and dealers out of business through ruinous legal fees. After several years of work the NRA and pro-gun rights forces have gotten enough support to get that bill passed in the Senate, and it already passed the House by a large margin. Before voting on the frivolous lawsuit bill, anti gun extremists are trying to attach amendments that will kill it, or if it passes, will enact some of their pet projects to cripple gun rights. More amendments are being offered Monday (1 March), and they will be voting on amendments late Monday or Tuesday just before the bill comes up for a final vote. ONE MORE TIME!! CALL YOUR U.S. SENATORS IMMEDITELY, THEN FAX THEM If you can only email, that helps, but they REALLY need to get PHONE CALLS and FAXES in their Washington and local offices all day Monday and early Tuesday. The message is simple: "SUPPORT SB 1805- Frivolous Lawsuit Protection, but we are counting on you to DEFEAT any "assault weapon ban" or "gun show" amendments. According to our sources, it looks like the pro-gun rights forces in the Senate have the votes to pass the lawsuit protection bill. We think we have the votes to keep the "assault weapons and magazine ban" from being attached. It is NOT CLEAR if they can keep the McCain-Reed "Gun Show Loophole" bill from being attached to the frivolous lawsuit ban. This is the critical vote where your Senator must support gun rights. Before an election the will tell you about how they own guns and "support the Second Amendment" which is usually BS. Let them know you will judge their support for gun rights by how they vote on the "gun show" amendment and the final vote on SB 1805 to ban frivolous lawsuits. NOT ONLY NO, BUT HELL NO! to gun show restrictions! The federal Bureau of Justice Statistics studies in 1991 and 1997 proved that LESS THAN 1% of criminals get their guns from gun shows. They mainly get them from family, friends, or illegal sources. Gun shows are not a crime problem. The McCain-Reed bill is not just aimed at making sales by non-dealers at gun shows go through a background check. It is aimed at putting gun shows out of business, and implementing a process that will enable a de facto registration system for all firearms transfers between law abiding citizens. The next step will be to force newspaper sales and family member transfers into the dealer record system. This is the bill that will require everyone taking a gun to a show to register and provide ID. If anyone so much as mentions a possible sale or trade at a show, the transfer MUST go through a dealer, or they will be guilty of a felony, even if the transaction takes place months or years later, and nowhere near a gun show. This bill makes the show promoter liable for any illegal transactions at (or after) a show, a risk that no sane person would accept. In short, it will end gun shows in the United States forever. One aspect of gun shows that politicians may appreciate (or fear) is that they are a gathering point for political free speech among people with generally conservative beliefs. Besides looking at guns, people at gun shows learn how be politically active, meet candidates, register to vote, and organize to share information about candidates and their positions. Putting an end to such "dangerous" meetings is probably as big a goal of the gun grabbers and their allies as their attack on gun rights. It is imperative that every gun owner ONCE AGAIN, contact your Senators and tell them Vote YES on SB 1805, and vote NO on any amendments dealing with "assault weapon bans" or "gun show loopholes." The assault weapon and gun show provisions are not anti-crime measures, they are deceptive gun control schemes that are unacceptable to law abiding citizens. HOW TO CONTACT YOUR SENATORS- EMAIL ADDRESSES: This link will call up the NRA-ILA list of Senators and their sponsorship status. (it is a long one- you may have to cut and pste it into your browser window) Go to your state, and click on the envelope shape after your Senator's name. This will open up a window to select a prewritten email. You will have to fill in a form with your name, and address (so they can ignore mail from people outside their state). When you click "send message" another screen will open up and you will have to pick a subject and click "send" again before it actually goes out. This takes less than a minute, so please do it NOW! PHONE AND FAX NUMBERS Look in the blue pages of your phone books under U.S. Government and you will usually find both their Washington office and a local officer. Call and FAX to BOTH offices. They really do not pay much attention to names or details of your message- but mainly keep a tally of how many calls/faxes they get for or against an issue. Remember when you call- You will not talk to the Senator, just a nice staff member who really only wants to know what bill, and if you are for it or against it, so you don't need to be ready for a big debate. The message is simple: "SUPPORT SB 1805- Frivolous Lawsuit Protection, but we are counting on you to DEFEAT any "assault weapon ban" or "gun show" amendments. We apologize for taking up your valuable time, but if you like the junque we sell at, then you NEED to take action on this IMMEDIATELY. If the "gun show loophole" bill is passed, it will be the end of gun shows in the U.S., and probably make your collection worthless and end the hobby. This is THAT serious! Thanks for you time. John Spangler & Marc Wade