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March 01, 2004

The visit to Charleston

More on Charleston... first off - even though it may not seem like it (since what's funny is what went wrong) we had a Good Time. We'll go back. Plenty of things we didn't get to - like the Hunley, or Patriots Point. Knocked of a few others on the list - like Fort Moultrie and The Battery, as well as I think every gallery in the Market area.

Warning to non-Southerners... you might as well fly down there as drive (especially in the Midlands and Low Country). Why? Because except in the mountains and to some extent the Piedmont, drving in the deep south is driving in a green tunnel. You don't see much beyond the shoulder of the interstate. So you might as well save your time and fly, and rent a car at your destination.

Unless you like driving in green tunnels. Mind you, I envy the forests. Out here in the flyover we don't get near enough water to grow that many trees, much less that tall.

This is a good time of year to hit Charleston - especially after the blizzard (for these parts) hit just north of it - cuts the traffic tremendously. As the tour guide on the horse-drawn coach tour observed - 8800 parkings spaces, 4.4 million visitors. This time of year there are spaces available!

I'll let Beth blog the gallerys and what she liked. John had an artillery day! Seacoast mortars, Brooks rifles, Banded Brooks rifles, Dahlgrens, Columbiads, Parrots... the list goes on.

And here is the obligatory shot of cannon aimed at Fort Sumter (a bigger target that fateful day in April, 1861. The top two tiers of the fort were pretty much shot away during the war, and what was left was leveled down when Ft. Sumter was converted to an Endicott System coast defense fort during and after the Spanish American War. I really wish we hadn't scrapped virtually all the 14-inch disappearing rifles after WWII. I think there are two forts left with that armament, both on the west coast. I'm sure of Fort Casey, even if they are 'only' the 10-inch guns, and even then, they were recovered from Fort Wint in the Phillipines. Now if someone (are you reading, Bill Gates) would recover the mortars at Corregidor!

There is more to come - including our chance to pay big bucks to sleep in a college dorm room.

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