February 22, 2004

A spin 'round the 'roll.

The Imperial Animatrix is rapidly becoming the Anti-Kerry Brigade commander.

The Commissar does to Saddam's letter with ridicule what I did with anger. Ridicule works better, methinks.

Suzie does what I'm doing - for similar reasons.

Of course the Emperor is also an Anti-Kerry Brigade commander. Suggestions for the Division Commander? Not me, I never went to the War College.

SGT Hook has a buddy who gave up soldiering (!) to pursue his dream of being an artist.

Blackfive has an encounter.

Jen is another anti-Kerry Brigade Commander.

Greyhawk is angling for the Anti-Kerry Division Commander slot. 'Hawk, whatcha gonna do if the guy wins and ya hafta shut-up about him? Yer gonna explode, man!

Darth has a wake for an old friend. And he provides a link to what the next mailbox at Castle Argghhh! will look like!

Baldilocks explains why she ain't doing any retracting regarding a post a commenter took issue with. As ever - you should go up and down her blog from there.

Mike the Marine muses about, well, Marines. I can't argue, even though I think soldiers are just as good - but we don't do publicity well.

Kim and I share more than one drooling passion.

We The People, a new group blog, is rolling along. It's providing some bloggers (including your humble host) a place to speak in (for me at least) a slightly different voice - and being a blend of voices, it's not quite as monotonous as a single-voice blog can be.

Eric really really really doesn't like AOL.

New blogger Gunner at NoQuarters has been exercising his voice. Start at this post, and work your way down.

Les blogs conversations at a urinal. Hmmm. I've just never been that chatty. Have my hands full, so to speak.

Publicola has a long bit on "Practical Letter Writing to Public Officials". What I take away from the whole discussion is: Choose your words carefully, or be prepared for some form of reaction - and don't be surprised if you said something dumb, there is a response."

Go read the Monkey. Just because you should.

Okay, I gotta go clean litter boxes and run errands. See ya later.

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