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February 22, 2004

Saddam Gets Red Cross Visit, Writes Family Letter

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BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Red Cross officials visited Saddam Hussein on Saturday for the first time since U.S. forces captured him in December and said they would pass on a letter he wrote for his daughters... (major snippage)

...He said Saddam, who has three daughters, wrote to them on a "special form...used everywhere by prisoners of war and detained persons, where the person could to reassure family members of his health condition, of his situation."

All I can say is, "That's a hell of a lot more than Scott Speicher or his family got. Or these people."

Screw you people who still don't think there is much to choose from between us and that sorry b@st@rd.

Then there are these gems from Saddam's daughter Raghad (from a different article):

“We want an international, fair and legal trial,” she said in a voice chock-full of emotion, adding that his family would appoint a lawyer to defend him.

This would be along the lines of the justice all those Kurds and Marsh Arabs got at your father's hands, right? Can we use that aspect of the Iraqi legal system? Only with his victims as judges? Wouldn't bother me to see your father lowered feet-first into an industrial shredder - though it would be a bad precedent for the new legal system - I'll settle for a nice public hanging.

“I am really proud that this man is my father. We all know the reason why he was displayed in the way he was. Where is the democracy, where is the immunity that presidents enjoy?”

"The democracy" is trying to work it's way there, you silly git, with your father's supporters doing their level best to kill anyone trying. Presidents may or may not enjoy immunity. Dictators usually enjoy exile if they are lucky, or a submachine gun to the belly if they aren't. Job hazard of being a dictator, lady.

But she lives in an odd world where having your father shoot your husband and the father of your child is ok. Saddam's family looks like Don Corleone's family - without the trappings of honor and loyalty, however thin those may be in real mafia families.

The whole article on the Red Cross is here. The bit with Saddam's daughter is here.