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January 29, 2004

Here's something I missed.

Forwarded to me by my mole in the Canadian Forces, CAPT H:

The Deputy Commanding General, III (US) Corps and Fort Hood.


Here's a Canadian Brigadier who found himself a home with a Corps as big as his Army. That's one way to get your senior guys some experience they can't get at home.

Cool. Can I get a job with the Canadians, out at NAMAO in Edmonton, mebbe? I like the cold and snow, and I'd just be a sim geek in the big hangar they use for their sim-driven exercises.

When I was a simulations geek developing entity-level training simulations at the National Simulation Center I worked for Australian exchange officers. I almost got to go be the US exchange officer in Sydney, but career timings killed that, dang it! That was back when the Aussie army still had a headquarters overlooking Sydney harbor, before it moved to Puckapunyal, the Ozzie environmental equivalent of moving from the Presidio of San Francisco to Fort Irwin, Ca.