January 17, 2004

More Saturday link-loving.

Mike the Marine stifles dissent. Careful Ken, your village may get burned! When are trolls gonna figure out the first amendment doesn't apply to blogging? 'Tards.

The Imperial Animatrix is not impressed with Feng Shui.

SWWBO is back. Since we're sharing computers due to the death of my machine, I have to hand over the keyboard and let her do a little stuff.

LeeAnn has just had a hard, if hilarious, day so far.

Dana needs your sympathy! Go, empathize. Leave healing comments! C'mon guys, it's worth it just for the picture...! Though you will make Harvey jealous if you look at the picture.

SGT Hook talks about Good Training and Good Leading and channels Venomous Kate while he's at it.

The Smug Canadians have some fun at the expense of thin-blooded immigrants, and give you a teeny-tiny science lesson while they're at it. But I'm *still* a wind-chill kinda guy, fellas!

The Straight White Guy (what, Eric, not even a little curve?) has rants on critters and people who care, leadership, and an affront to 'Murican Masculinity! (Southern hell - even we bluebellies 'Q, Reb.)

Baldilocks links to a hilarious Chris Rock shtick and you should hang around over there and do some more reading. Then COME BACK!

When I need to keep the limits of my cultural horizon from collapsing, I let the Spectral Flea be my guide. This is both bizarre and hilarious - and I never would have found it myself - and the Flea never disappoints! And, he finds me new guns! I want one of these! (watch the mpeg linked to on the page)

The King of Fools ponders manliness. In a different vein from Eric.

That's enough for now. I'll continue this link-loving later tonight or tomorrow - until I have done my duty and visited all my blogbuddies. But now, laundry and door repair beckon!

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