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January 16, 2004

Just because I'm in the mood for cannon...

First - the 13-pounder Nery Gun from the Imperial War Museum... representing artillery technology 100 years ago. All Redlegs have a soft spot in our hearts and heads for this gun and the gunners of Battery L, Royal Horse Artillery.

Action at Nery, 1st September 1914. During the fighting retreat from Mons, Battery L of the Royal Horse Artillery bivouacked by a small town of Nery. Their temporary halt was interrupted during the early morning cavalry patrol warning of the imminent arrival of a large German force of cavalry, infantry and artillery. almost immediately German shells began bursting amongst the battery, accompanied by a rifle and machine gun fire. 3 guns were knocked out before they could be brought into action and two more were disabled soon afterwards, while the British gunners sustained heavy casualties. the remaining no. 6 gun with a scratch crew managed to maintain a steady fire for some two hours inflicting heavy casualties on the Germans until reinforcements arrived, driving off the surviving German unties. Three Victoria crosses (one posthumously) and two French medaille militaire were awarded and two NCO's were commissioned after the action.

Second, the Panzer Haubitze 2000, representing the current state of the "heavy' art. Which, as Daddy Rumsfeld says, "Is bad." I don't care. I like this gun and it's Brit counterpart, the AS90.

Hat tip to JMH for the PzH2K pic.