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January 15, 2004

Another gratuitous gun pic.

One thing I have to say about my french rifles (most of which went from France to Arab nations, and then into the surplus market) is that despite the number of users and wars the users fought in - the weapons are in pretty good shape. Compared, say, to german, british, and russian weapons (though the arsenal reworks are nice).

Here's the lower part of my "French Wall".

Just partially visible is a Berthier M1916 rifle.
That's followed my a M1883/M93/R35 Lebel, with the correct short bayonet.
Next is a pre-war MAS M1936 that got the post-war rework (for you grognards out there who know what you are looking at!)
Next is a Syrian contract MAS 49. Anybody having the french version and do not want it anymore, drop me a line... if you don't know the difference, the french version does not have the integral bayonet - that is a feature of the Syrian rifles.
That's followed by a MAS 36/LG48, a post-war MAS 36 with an integral grenade launcher.
Last, but not least, the MAS 49/56 a product-improved MAS 49, and the first rifle in a long time for the french that had a blade bayonet rather than a cruciform spike.

Cheers, all - off to the Evil Squirrel's Nut Mines.

Update: As I slip into "French Bashing" here now and again, I should make something clear. Unlike many of my fellow-travelers, I respect the individual French soldier for his individual courage, endurance, and willingness to risk all for his people. But I have little respect for the governments and senior military leaders (there are exceptions, GEN Gamelin, for example was trying very hard to modernize the french army prior to WWII) who lead/misused and abused those soldiers. So, in short, where I make (or let stand unchallenged) the old "only dropped once" kind of comments, I am intending it as a slap on the leaders, not the led. The French High Command and political leadership of WWI (like the Brits, frankly) were unworthy of the sacrifice they demanded of their soldiery.

Dans le Français traduit par ordinateur :: Pendant que je glisse dans l'"Français frappant" ici de temps en temps, je devrais rendre quelque chose de clair. À la différence de plusieurs de mes camarade-voyageurs, je respecte le soldat français individuel pour que son courage, résistance, et bonne volonté individuels risque tous pour ses personnes. Mais je fais respecter peu pour les gouvernements et les chefs militaires aînés (il y a les exceptions, GEN Gamelin, par exemple essayait très dur de moderniser l'armée française avant WWII) qui lead/misused et maltraité ces soldats. Ainsi, en bref, où je fais (ou laissez le stand incontesté) le vieux "seulement une fois laissé tomber" genre de commentaires, je le prévois comme claque sur les chefs, pas mené. La commande élevée française et la conduite politique de WWI (comme le Brits, franchement) étaient indignes du sacrifice qu'elles ont exigé de leur soldiery.

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