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January 14, 2004

Gratuitous gun pic

I've been bad. Busy busy busy. Remodeling the house. Gout (note to self, can't have any more large steaks, sigh. Entropy sucks). Cleaning the next room in prep for moving the remodel to that room. Then there is the whole "analyzing the Army of the Future" job thing I do to fund all that stuff. Oh, and today it's "Unclog the kitchen drain stack". Po' po' pitiful me.

Which means you haven't been getting pictures. And I know what drives my hit-o-meter.

So, here is a pic from the archives:

The top three rifles are my Commission 88s. They happen to have been covered in this space- here.

Next under is the Italian Vetterli M1871, which was the Italian's first cartridge arm adopted in any numbers.

In order below that are most of my SKS's. On top, Albanian. From the way the receiver is machined, it looks like the Albanians used Chinese machinery. They added their own touches, like the extended forearm wood and a cocking handle based on the AK. Under that is a Soviet 1951 dated rifle. Followed by a Chinese military (not one of the bajillions produced for sale in the US, but an earlier, fully machined, martially marked rifle). Next under that is an early Chinese SKS, made with mixed Soviet/Chinese parts, that is marked to a militia unit. Next under (and last) is my Romanian rifle. Not pictured is a 1954 dated Soviet and my Yugo. Speaking of Yugos - that's a Kosovo-capture Yugo flag hanging behind the rifles.

Obviously, there needs to be an SKS Gun P0rn series!

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