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January 11, 2004

Around the blogroll this morning...

Phil Carter at Intel Dump has an interesting discussion of Saddam's legal status.

The Curmudgeon has an interesting bit on kissing. Of course, kids aren't affected by what they see on TV. Just ask Hollywood...

The Mind of Mog dicusses a recent raid by the riaa gestapo.

The crew at Silent Running has three excellent posts. Start here, in the middle, with the post about Indymedia discovers the physical properties of spinning (hint, inertia on the particles is bad...) then read the post above, regarding John Kerry, and the post below, a little insight about chem weapons in Iraq.

If the Imperial Animatrix at Pamibe keeps it up, I can retire from POD-bashing and firearms rantings. I despise, yes, despise, Police Chiefs like the one in Willmette, Il. Of course, I won't live in a burg like Willmette, either. Hint, Chief - is it also a requirement to have a lock on every interior door - which is, of course, a solid steel door? Do all houses come with 'safe rooms' to retreat to, paid for by the city? Because you imply that is the only acceptable response to a home-invader in your jurisdiction. You can put this poor sap who defended himself (against a perp who was on his *third* trip into the house) in jail - but no one is going to do squat to you if all your guys do is get there in time to draw chalk lines around the homeowners body. Blow me you arrogant elitist bastard. Kim du Toit has a strong opinion as well (d-uh!)

Since I wanted to give a trackback, I'm linking to this post about marriage (you blog-wimmin are, well, different. Moon is a Harsh Mistress, eh? Beth says she wouldn't consider it until she loses some weight. Me too, frankly - me lose weight, not her!) anyway... read that post then explore the rest. Butter her up, Dana is on a roll.

As SGT Hook gets closer to going to Afghanistan, other elements of the 25th ID departed Hawaii for Iraq.

The Anti-Smugness fellows up north repost an article dealing with some slow-down problems in IE.

Eric has a joke...

Juliette shares a recipe... mmmmmmm.

The Spectral Flea, a fan of archaeology and archaeologists, is nonetheless willing to report when they let their enthusiasm and desire for a killer find exceed their better judgement.

Darthvob found a wonderful bit of satire on Why I Am A Democrat. Mind you, don't click the the link with that name, buz Darth is just foolin' with you. Click on the 'satire' link. Then go visit IowaHawk direct and see the latest on Hitler's Brain.

That's enough for now. More later!

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