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January 09, 2004

Some thoughts regarding US troops abusing Iraqis (and getting away with it)

CPT Patti's husband (recent retiree whose wife is a company commander in Iraq has this to say in a recent email:

I want to congratulate you guys on being very, very diplomatic. I don't have to be. This is bullshit.

We've just nearly courtmartialed a fast rising Battalion Commander (LTC West) for merely discharging his weapon in the vicinity of an EPW. Instead we throttled his career, charged him a months pay and made him retire.

We've courtmartialed and stripped of their rank soldiers - including a couple of WOMEN - for mistreating Iraqi EPWs.

We might be courtmartialling two Florida Guardsmen for taking a moment out from patrols to get married for crying out loud.

And now these folks want us to believe a story involving deliberate, premeditated murder on the part of our soldiers...

Sorry - I did 21 years in uniform...and haven't been out 3. My wife is commanding a company in Baghdad right now...she was home for one week over Christmas. I consider myself in touch.

It doesn't add up. We refused to engage the mortarmen who wounded 34 at Log Base Seitz because the shelling came from a built-up, populated area. We respect their bleedin' Mosques more than they do for crying out loud.

What such allegations do are two fold: First, they appeal to the seemingly endless capacity of the Arab mind to deceive itself when it is convenient. Secondly, it puts the US Army in the impossible position of disproving a negative (that is, proving it "didn't" happen.)

While that might not be sufficient to mollify Zeyad, or whatever his name is, the fact is he has certain responsibilities as well...among them is the responsibility to be able to exercise a modicum of judgment.

We've all grown up being advised that if it "sounds to good to be true" it probably is. Well, that advice works the same when trying to pin attrocities on your enemies.

I'll likely rant on this...sure.

But wanted you guys to know I, for one, don't suffer the lame accusations of fools likely. I won't say it absolutely couldn't happen...but I've lived long enough to know that the highly unlikely rarely is.

Tim (aka CPT Patti's Husband)

All I can add is - I agree. All my sources in the sandbox are just as annoyed as Tim.

What is he referring to? This. Read the comment streams as well - perhaps as importantly.

Greyhawk of Mudville Gazetter weighs in here.

Matt at Blackfive has his own opinion. While you are there, get a little lesson in leadership.

UPDATE: SGT Hook weighs in.

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