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January 08, 2004

Since we've been peering into the heads of senior US leaders...

Let us now take a look at what the Russians think of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

They aren't happy with what they see. On several levels. Political, military, ideological.

Remember - this is written from a military perspective. Military people analyze from a threat capability perspective, not a threat intent perspective.

Their view is valid from a military planning standpoint.

UPDATE: What is really interesting is how they overlay their value system and politico-social expectations from within their own society on their analysis. Exactly the same problem discussed by our senior military leaders below in that we have insufficient Foreign Area Officers who truly understand the areas we are dealing with from a deep cultural perspective - that whole HUMINT thing. Of course, being the guy whose 'gone native' makes your analysis easy to ignore by the bigwigs, as has happened time and again - because it doesn't fit their pre-conceived notions or short-term perceived needs.

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