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January 08, 2004

Ever get grumpy about the fact that aviators get flight pay?

Y'know, guys like SGT Hook?

This is why. Sometimes the airplane breaks. And unlike a car, you can't just pull it over to the shoulder. You have that pesky gravity thing working against you.

And things like this happen.

This is where the crew normally ride, actually, it's the engine and rotor head - there is nothing else..

Everybody walked away unhurt. If you use these guys (yeah, I know, this is a Longbow, work with me people) as a taxi service, you *want* them to be able to do this.

From the email that came with the pics:

I just got these pictures of my son-in-law's helicopter a few days ago. Apparently he was escorting a convoy in northern Iraq on 10 Dec when his bird caught fire in-flight. He performed an emergency landing (note plowed field where he landed) and he and his CPG (Co CDR) walked away. He told my daughter that as he was going back to get his helmet rounds started cooking off and he changed his mind. A short while later, the fuel blew. Soldiers from the convoy formed a perimeter immediately after the landing and a Blackhawk crew extracted them to base. Obviously, we're extremely thankful for his and his CPG's safety.

Hat tip to Mike L.