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January 06, 2004

Moonbats got you down? Need a Cluebat™?

But these are the smelly, nasty, stringy haired anti-globalization kinda vandal Moonbats? Ya just don't want to get close enough to whack 'em upside da haid to give 'em a Clue™?*

C'mon down to the Imperial Armory! We have a brand new Long-Range Cluebat™!

The LRC is designed to be launched from any 1.5 inch Cluebat™ Launcher! If you don't have your own riot grenade launcher, you can use any basic bullet launching device you have, just add our cup to it, insert the baton round (less casing, please, we have them available in bulk) and away you go! (The pistol is the Amorer's Walther PPK CO2 pistol he uses in the basement range to keep his aim true.)

For those of you who have arguments with multiple Moonbats and need to spray the room with Clues™, we have this option:

So, as you can see, the Armory is now equipped to add a whole new dimension to dealing with Moonbats!

*Irony, satire, humor. Don't go bashing Moonbats on your own unless you are being physically attacked. It pisses off the Police, cuz' the government has exclusive rights to violence initiation. Think about that for a minute.