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January 02, 2004

EU could have prevented Iraq war...

So opines EU Commission President Romano Prodi.

"If Europe had been present and united, I believe, we would not have seen the war on Iraq," Prodi said, adding "Then we would have managed to find a solution to preserve the peace."

Really? The EU's Army, Navy, and Air Force really would have stood up to us? Because that was the only way you were going to stop it, you fantasizing Eurocrat.

Will it ever occur to these throwbacks to inbred royalty that if they had truly enforced the UN resolutions that the war wouldn't have happened in the first place? Dolts. Blind, blathering, clueless, dolts.

And the One-Worlder's want to turn our sovereignty over to mindless bags of oxygen-wasting meat like this?

Not that I feel strongly about it.

here's the whole blivet

Another thought - if the UN gets 'control' of the Internet, a post like this will probably be a capital offense, daring to criticise the 'Great and Good'.

Poppycock rotters.