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January 02, 2004

How about some pictures?

All photos courtesy of DoD.

This is what I used to do. What I didn't have to do was this as an additional duty while functioning as light infantry - which is what a lot of the artillery units in Iraq are doing. Lots of patrols, searches, etc - but they have to maintain their skills as cannoneers, too. C/4th of the 1st FA in action, training near Baghdad.

Come on back and see the rest!

How about a little 'jointness'? This is becoming more and more common for our helicopters pilots - getting what amounts to 'carrier qualified', whether it's the landing platform on a Frigate, a Marine assault carrier, or regular flat-tops. This one is a part of the 17th Aviation Brigade getting qual'ed on the waters near Korea. We'll know something is up when we hear SGT Hook talk about getting his birds carrier qualified!

Lastly, for you older vets out there... here is a pic of the view thru GenIII NVG's (night vision goggles). Remember Starlight scopes? What a difference, eh? Still battery hogs (one more thing to carry with you) but a heck of a lot lighter and smaller. We still own the night - but as these things get cheaper, that advantage will erode somewhat. But by then, we'll have the see-through-walls and hear-through-walls gear. Yes. I'm serious.