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December 29, 2003

Darn you Canadians! Darn you!

It's OUR job to invade YOU, not you hosers nip across the river and tweak us! It's not enough that you essentially beat us in the Revolution and again in 1814 (for an excellent treatment of the Niagara Campaign, read Niagara 1814: America Invades Canada). No, you gotta manufacture a reason to attack us in 1837!

From Strategy Page's email today: 1837 Canadian militia destroy Caroline, a US steamboat docked at Buffalo.

To further elaborate:

The eruption of the Patriot War of 1837 in Canada results in an influx of leaders of discontented Canadians to American soil. Buffalo becomes a center of plotting for a serious campaign.

On December 29, 1837, the steamer "Caroline" is hired at Buffalo and begins a ferry service between Navy Island and Schlosser on the American shore. Seven boatloads of men from Chippewa seize the boat killing one American. A great American clamor breaks out over this incident. However, the American government stops the rebel reinforcement from the American side and American involvement subsides.

Oh sure, blame it on us. Just because we were acting as a Cambodia-ish safe haven to your Vietnam-ish internal troubles...

What I want to know is - where did these feisty Canadians go? Did they eventually emigrate to the US, leaving behind their non-interventionist neighbors? Is our current agressive posture in the world in fact the fault of Canadians? Hmmmm?

Gee, on days like this I wish I was a Big Blogger™! Think of what the humor-challenged Moonbat Brigades™ could do with this one!

Comments on Darn you Canadians! Darn you!
J.M. Heinrichs briefed on December 29, 2003 09:43 PM

We're still here; we just don't make a lot of noise. Think hunting wascally wabbits.


John of Argghhh! briefed on December 29, 2003 09:55 PM

Thank Heavens! I was beginning to think my Canadian contingent wasn't going to rise to the bait! Where's Nicholas, Dr. Funk?