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December 28, 2003

How dense can greed make you and other things from the Blogroll...

(Despite JD May's observations, I'm still gonna plug my blogfriends!) Remember, you are supposed to go visit and then come back. I like to watch my repeat visits counter go up! 8^)

...Pretty dense, apparently. Nice to know we live in such a rich country this fool can do this and still think he's not been scammed.

How hopelessly blinded by greed (the guy did raise $300K, so he wasn't poor) can you get?

And he's one of the reasons my email inbox is full of that Nigerian crap, or Japanese crap, or Arab crap, or Swiss crap, etc. Geez Louise, Rupert, get an effin' clue!

Pointed to it by the Smug Canadians!

You're welcome, Eric. It pays to Obey!

I can only hope so!

Jeff over at Backcountry Conservative has some politics and sports to keep you entertained. He is still very green, however.

Juliette asks questions in the same vein as George Turner did in a comment to my Iranian Earthquake post: Where are the do-gooders? I'm guessing that if Trey wasn't bee-essing us in his posts, you might find him over here on his next overseas mission. Where are the rest of ya mouthy do-gooders?

Nicholas, the Ghost of a Flea and a Fighting Quaker (!), has a nice, classy insult generator for you. And much other classy stuff, as well. I really enjoy the eclectic nature of Nick's site - and encourage you to explore and visit often! We need to encourage academics like Nicholas - and he's a Canadian, to boot! I get lots of Canadian visitors, and like to encourage reciprocal travel...

Blaster get's quoted by Jonah (that's how I got my start! (sorry Aakash!)) and his blogbrother Pittspilot has a nice takedown of 'news'. Congrats Blaster! And thanks, Pittspilot!

Misha cleans the pool of Idiotarian anarchist protestors (the guys who didn't make the cut for Monty Python and the Holy Grail) and links to me once (thanks, boss!).

Meanwhile, over at Eye on the Left, we get some analysis on how Howard Dean knows less about foreign policy than the newest private in Iraq.

Andi, at An Army Wife Life, just lets us look in on her life. Having been an Army Brat with a father in a war in which he was awarded 5 Purple Hearts I can relate to a woman who is just trying to deal with life as a military family member - and carrying on a 'normal' life when it is anything but.

The Patriette challenges American Airlines patriotism... that's tongue-in-cheek for you humorless AA employees.

The Grouchy Old Cripple blogs about poverty....

Frnak {sic} has a grump with Lord of the Rings. Frnak is the anti-everything-not-frnak!

The crew at Blog o'Ram have, well, a round-up like this one, only different (and quite possibly funnier)

Lileks had a wonderful Christmas, and spanks the toy companies as a result.

I'd mention Bill Whittle, but you've probably already been there.
You probably wish I would post as often - if I had his content-quotient, I probably would. I make up for quality with quantity - which, as Marshal Koniev observed while sacking Berlin, "Quantity has a quality all it's own..."

Kim du Toit admits to a failure of nerve. I call it prudence. Next post down has a Teddy Roosevelt quote I like, too.

The boys at An Old Saab (the first blog to 'roll me) have a post up about being lazy and not blogging for 16 days. Posted on 20 November. Um, fellas?

Stephen Den Beste at USS Clueless has an amazingly long post on anime and computing... my son will plow straight through that one! I had to take it in small doses.

Remember the guy who flew the damaged DC-10 that essentially couldn't be flown? Where he used the engines to steer the aircraft?

This aircraft suffered a catastrophic control failure while in-flight. With no stick, no rudder, and no flaps, Captain Haynes and his crew had nothing left to work with except for the engine throttles. They miraculously managed to turn their craft around and line it up, and even made an incredible landing approach right down the center of the runway. They literally did all that was humanly possible, and their efforts saved 185 lives

Captain Haynes could use some help. and the Feces Flinging Monkey is on it. I helped. You should too, if you've got something to spare.

Jen Martinez is not thrilled with a "Top 10 War Movie" list. I'm not either. Hmmm. Mebbe I'll post my 10 favorite war movies. Probably have to go to 20, though. Too many that are just too close together to choose!

Acidman has some advice on Catfishin' and just under that, Deer In The Garden.

Owen, at Boots and Sabers, is grumpy about non-frequent traveler's who Don't Read The Signs!

DC takes on Influenza...

You should visit Beth's new digs, courtesy of Pam and The Bartender. I'm jealous. I also personally recommend the chicken recipe she posted.

Finally, The Comissar shows how Mad Cow is in reality a Soviet Plot.

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Comments on How dense can greed make you and other things from the Blogroll...
J.M. Heinrichs briefed on December 29, 2003 12:25 AM

Twixt calls for assistance ($) and discussiing war movies, you just cost me a bundle (read $$$$)!!!! Go to bed!!!


John of Argghhh! briefed on December 29, 2003 07:22 AM

Shoot, John, I posted that at a quarter-to-five in the PM. A little early for bed. I've just started knocking back the tequila at that point!