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December 22, 2003

I'll take one of these.

In a rare nod to modern stuff, I'll take one of these things, recently unveiled at the AUSA conference.

Thanks to Mike L. for the heads-up!

UPDATE: Comes now George to wee-wee in my Wheaties (I yanked his comment up here):

I'm not so sure on this one. They got the bullet mass up, but have let the muzzle velocity drop to 2600 or so. I'd think a very slightly lighter bullet at 2800 would be more ideal, but it's certainly a tradeoff.

We're essentially going back to the 7mm Mauser on this one.

There are also the 6mm PPC and 6.5mm PPC AR-15s available, but PPC cartridges aren't the most feedable rounds in the world, with their sharp shoulders.

We certainly may have to up gun, especially with the possibility of facing an opponent that wears body armor. Unfortunately, all the choice are bound by our current powder, so maybe we need a new propellant that can maintain a more even pressure curve down the barrel, while fitting in the same case capacity.

I've thought of experimenting with a plastic chip/nitrous oxide hybrid, which is now used in rocketry, which gives a higher top exhaust velocity for a given propellant weight and chamber pressure. In efficiency it's between a solid propellant and a liquid propellant.

It's still not the ideal solution, though. Just something that would be easy to play with at home.

Any of you SmartGuys™ got an opinion on the subject?

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