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December 19, 2003

Those Smug Fellows in the Great White North...

...have some pretty funny lawyers! Go read this, it's a hoot. Then come back for the rest of the stuff down below.

Via Eric and his Power Tool, comes Key channeling Jim Carey.

The King of Fools has a story about PC in the classroom - and a successful act of resistance to same.

The Ghost of a Flea wishes his Hebrew readers Happy Hanukkah! We have several readers from Israel, we second his emotion...

Darth adds his LOTR-ROTK movie review to the ever-lengthening list of them in the blogosphere.

Spoons is keeping an eye on the Middle East and the State Department's attitude toward same.

I couldn't find anyting specific to link to over at Misha's palace. It's all good.

The Patriette has some inside knowledge of the interrogation techniques being used on Saddam. Or is she just projecting her own inner pain from watching TV?

Kim du Toit interrupts his hiatus and recovery to bring us advice on Implements of Home Defense.

e-Claire has some thoughts on naughty words and the legislators who would ban 'em.

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