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December 15, 2003

Note to the Canadian Artists Collective...

I just bought my last piece of music by any of your members. Hint - turning the government into your revenue collector is not a good idea (mind you, I'm not a fan of corporate welfare on this side of the border, either).

If something like this were to be implemented in the US, I would have bought my last bit of music. Or DVD.

Note to artists - adapt to the market and the technology that enables it. Don't just ask the government to hold a gun to citizen's heads. At least the Canadian government didn't allow the Artists Kolkhoz to slap the tax on flash memory cards and hard drives, etc. But they may well try again.


Makes me want to send the cossacks sweeping in, sabers drawn! But I'll settle for dancing.


I realize that pirating costs you guys money. But this isn't going to help as much as you think. You may well find yourselves victims of the Saskatchewan River Pirates!

Canadian blogger David Adkin's article on the subject is here.

For a look at what was proposed (and the Kolkhoz may yet go after) check here.