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December 14, 2003

Kerry's take on Saddam upset Kathryn Lopez at NRO that she used the "F" word in the Corner!

Now that's a pissed off K-Lo!

BTW - here's a link to the video of the rat's hole and his capture.

I don't speak arabic, but I think they are happy in that room.

As for the Beeb's talking head's concern that this footage humiliates Saddam -

I'm am American expat living in London, and I was listening to BBC London (Radio 5) shortly after the announcement of Saddam's capture. The host of a call-in show was going on about how the Americans unnecessarily subjected Saddam to humiliation by showing the video of him being given a medical exam and being unwashed and unshaven. She termed it "serial humiliation", and asked "what's next, beheading him and parading his head on a pole around Baghdad"? It's absolutely amazing how so many here dredge up hatred for the U.S. no matter what. (via The Corner)

No matter what. All I can say is, anyone who allowed people to be slowly fed feet first into an industrial shredder CAN'T be humiliated.

She Who Will Be Obeyed chimes in with, "In honor of the capture of Saddam, we're having bacon for breakfast! and ham for dinner!" Cosmo, yer invited! Bring Jonah and the rest of the family, too, what the heck!

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