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December 14, 2003

Ding Dong, The Witch is Dead Captured!

The 4th Mech (NOT the AIR FORCE!) Captures Saddam!

(courtesy the Armorial Animatrix)

And the saddest part of this all, aside from the cost to the Iraqi people, is that the first thought of the Dwarfs was: "Oh shit, how the hell can we spin this?"

Before we know it - Al Gore will have done this, using a plan put forth by Weasel Clark, using Dean as a diversion, with Kucinich's campaign manager undercover in Tikrit under the guise of negotiating our surrender.

Or at least that whatever they would have done, it would have been done quicker'n this.

Or, perhaps, that President Bush "stole" Saddam from them. If he hadn't been President they would have gotten Saddam. Yeah, that's it.

Oh f*ck the Democrats - WAY TO GO ALL Y'ALL OVER THERE!

No slam at the efforts and sacrifices of the Air Force intended - just a whack at the Air Power Theorists who didn't completely understand the concept of Center of Gravity. It took us ALL to do this.

Now I wonder when the Barking Moonbats at the Democratic Underground will come out? Oh, they have. Here, too. And, I'm sure, all we captured was a 'look-alike".

This being a time of joy and celebration, we Dance at Castle Argghhh!

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