December 12, 2003

Around the 'Sphere

Don't forget to make your submissions for "Tales from the Champagne Room!" Get those cards and letters in!

Remember, there is no sex in the Champagne Room!

And, since I haven't written anything worthy (except in comments on other sites) I'll be spectating this week.

Fully Endorsed by the Imperial Armorer!

The Canucks at Canadians are Smug are annoyed, incandescently so, with their government. A little higher in the queue they also have a suggestion to resite the UN to the North Pole. Note to Guys Up North - that's going to be a hell of an engineering job - seeing as how it's all under ice and then water before you can dig that hole!

Eric overshares with a story about virgins - with an unexpected result. This is a definite Champagne Room candidate!

Jeff, while adding some color other than orange to his site, is huckerstering for people to hit the ads. I'd disapprove except his site is worth the visit and it's commendable economic activity.

Update: Jeff is now very, green.

Congrats to Blaster! He won a Bloggy!

The King of Fools has a post about a stupid thief. Who is going to go to jail for essentially stealing dirt from Wal-Mart.

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