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December 11, 2003

An unofficial, very unscientific poll...

Okay. My muse has deserted me. I can't decide what to do next for Gun P0rn.

So, I'll let you guys chooose. Leave your votes in the comments. I don't feel like setting up a sidebar poll. I'd rather hear ya, so to speak.

Some Options to start ya thinking:

Nation themed: German, French, US, Brit (Commonwealth), etc.

Type themed: Enfields. Mausers, subguns, semi-autos, bolts, etc.

Detail: Specific weapons, with as much detail as I can muster, such as I did for the Maxim.

Previous examples can be seen here.

I've got pistols, I've got grenades, I've got mortars, I've got lots of stuff. What kind of stuff would you guys like to see next? Feel free to check out the arsenal for ideas (just click on the Castle in the sidebar).