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December 10, 2003

Stupid Parent Tricks and the Lawyers Who Enable Them Dept.

Jed over at Boots and Sabers has a rant about the resurrected lawsuit against Beretta.

Money quote from incompetent parent and Moonbat plaintiff:

"If a cheap disposable camera can tell you when it's loaded, surely a handgun should indicate when there is a bullet in the chamber," Dix's father, Griffin Dix, wrote in a local newspaper editorial published after legislation was passed requiring clear chamber-loaded indicators and mechanisms that make guns inoperable if bullet clips are removed. "Effective designs for loaded-chamber indicators and magazine disconnect safety devices have been available for many decades."

This moonbat kept a loaded pistol in his camera bag. His son found it, yanked the magazine, and then pointed it at his friend. You can fill in the rest.

All righty then, Mr. Potatohead, lemme help you out here.

The first time my son saw a firearm in the house (and there are a LOT of them) he learned two things.

One. They ARE ALWAYS LOADED until you check them yourself - even a weapon you watched me clear and I handed to you. Smack upside the head if you don't check it yourself. You never, ever, rely on a mechanical indicator or another person. Not even your gun-savvy soldier, gun-collecting father. Once the weapon passes to your hands, YOU are the only one responsible for it's condition. No exceptions. None.

Two. You NEVER, EVER, point a projectile-launching device at ANYTHING you don't intend to hit with a projectile. EVER. PERIOD. END OF DISCUSSION. And if I ever see you do that - the least you can expect is one upside da haid!

Not surprisingly, no one but me and my father in my family has ever shot anyone, or launched a projectile that didn't go safely where we wanted it to. We were soldiers in combat.

UPDATE: Fellow Tiger Sophorist has the full rules you should teach your children, as opposed to my situation specific ones in the rant. Be especially mindful to tell your kids to keep their hands off guns if there are no adults present and to tell an adult when/if they run across one. And, you have to match your security to your kids AND their friends. If you can't keep 'em away from the place you store your 'ready gun' then you've got to take appropriate measures... which probably does not mean leaving it with easy access and loaded.

Oh, yeah - note to journos: It's a damn magazine. Not a clip. Clips load magazines, magazines load weapons. Not very many pistols floating around anymore (Broomhandle Mausers and Steyr M1912s come to mind) that are clipfed. And even then, the clip feeds the magazine.

Hat tip to Boobie Blogger Dana for the pointer. (Sorry Jed and Owen, she comes in higher in my blogroll so I went via her to you. She has a nicer door!)

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