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December 09, 2003

Kucinich's Plan to get out of run away from Iraq.

Here are the major tenets of Chamberlain's Kucinich's plan for Iraq.

The President must go to the UN and announce the US intention to hand over all administrative and security responsibilities to the UN. The UN would help Iraqis move quickly toward self-determination.

This would be the same UN that ran out when they took the first bomb at their Headquarters? The same UN, who abandoned Rwanda when then Head of the UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations, now the Secretary General, suppressed the indicators of the impending massacres? The same UN that has shown such success elsewhere in the Middle East?

The UN, not the US, will administer Iraq’s oil revenues. It will be necessary to renounce clearly and unequivocally any interest in controlling Iraq’s oil resources.

That has worked well in the past. I guess there's no reason to expect any change there.

The UN will administer contracts to repair Iraq. War profiteering will no longer be practiced by the White House. It will be necessary to suspend all reconstruction contracts and close the US-led Coalition Provisional Authority, because of the suspicion caused by the sweetheart deals that the Administration has given to large American corporations. In its place, the UN would help Iraqis administer funds to employ Iraqis to repair the damage from the invasion.

No, the war profiteering will be practiced by the UN, the French, the Germans, and the Russians. The UN already has a great record on this stuff thus far.

You know, I regretted retiring when I did. But right now, I'm glad I did, because I can say this:

Dennis - blow me.

There's lots to argue about in how things are working in Iraq. We're actually doing something no one has done in a long time - and no one has done better than we have (WWII Germany and Japan).

Standing on top of the bodies posing - you're just a desperate, pathetic, little excuse for a fringe candidate. And you know it - you sad, sad, little man.

I apologize to the shade of Neville Chamberlain for the comparison. Chamberlain wasn't this craven.

And yeah, Dennis - 2400 dead in the next year is an acceptable price to me. And yeah, I can say that. I've put my ass on the line and would do so again in a heartbeat if Rummy sent the recall notice.

We're volunteers, remember? But then, I suspect we don't rate that highly in your little universe, do we, Dennis. After all, I doubt many of us are going to vote for you, we'll just keep doing our jobs, and adding 1.x bodies a day to the pile you are standing on, until you are high enough you can smell President Bush's butt.

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