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December 09, 2003

Dennis Kucinich, Moonbat barking moonbat.

Baldilocks, Donnie, Matt, and John Cole have all ranted about this.

All I have to say is what I sent the Kucinich campaign, via their website.

And for each and every one of those 51 who died, while you people sat back here and made that animation - they made a sacrifice for the future that you do not comprehend, will not comprehend, cannot comprehend.

Therefore, you are unfit to be my commander-in-chief.


John Donovan
USA, Ret

But I ain't done, yet.

So sue me. I lied. I do have some more to say.

UPDATE: Kelley has a few words. Mostly spittle.

Harvey is a bit more articulate.

She Who Will Be Obeyed is also frothing.

The Imperial Animatrix is not happy either. And I'm hoping that results in artwork!

The Downtown Chick (whom I've never seen, but will keep an eye on) is also not a Happy Girl!

[note to Dennis - piss off the chicks, lose.]

Oh, yeah - Dennis Kucinich is a Miserable Failure!

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