December 08, 2003

SSG Alford, The Army, and Justice.

Having nothing useful to add to Blackfive's post of the subject of SSG Alford, I will instead comment on the vagaries of the rating system. This young man is at death's door and unemployable - but he's only 80%. I'm slowly falling apart, but I have a great job that pays well and what's wrong with me isn't going to kill me for years and years yet - but I'm at 70%.

I'm not rated higher than I should be - SSG Alford should rated 100%. I don't get it. I'll close with this snippet from an earlier post of mine regarding the military and things medical:

The there's this bit on how to Scare A US Marine. Yes, I said it - scare a US Marine.

How? It's the reaping of a harvest of deceit, sown when the administrative branch of the government conducts shoddy, questionable research on military personnel, or no research at all on products they expose those personnel to... and then lie, for decades, about the results.

Thus, the troops lose a chunk of trust when the nice doctor comes by and says, "Take this pill". Read more about it here in an interesting article in the Spectator.. Will the powers-that-be and their lawyers, ever learn?

Seemingly never.

Donnie's post is here. Go read it. This one will make more sense then.

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