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December 03, 2003

While I'm grieving...

[self pity mode]...and trying to ignore the rapidly-cooling body of what was once the sweetest Golden Retriever in the world (don't argue with me, I'm not in the f*cking mood) I might as well read blogs that I 'roll.

Pam, over at Drowning at 2 Feet Sea Level Studios is enjoying her new job.

Juliette over at Baldilocks spanks the Lefties who will seize on anything to try to discredit Bush's trip to Iraq. Won't these people figure out that attacking the man ain't the way to win? Nope. At least I hope not.

Over at Madfish Willies (make me a strong Margarita - with Cointreau, wouldja? - and I need a shot of tequila on the side... for toasting her to heaven) it would appear that the Barkeep has caught the Puppy Blender in action.

Over at Note-It Posts, Dana (thanks for the note, ma'am) directs me to suck xxx left xxx. Shoot, girl - I'll do both - As soon as you get She Who Must Be Obeyed to give permission! (Don't waste yer breath or electrons!) Oh, wait. That was for the feminists! Damn! Um, can I be a feminist?

SGT Hook (how many of you know where the name comes from?) is saddened by a tale of children killing children. Not to miss a chance to act like a politician and exploit a tragedy for policy purposes... when are we going to ban pro wrestling? As a 'real' wrestler (meaning one of those guys you thought was pretty gay for all that groping in high school) I've been embarrassed and wanted them to drop the 't' and just spell it rasslin' for some time. RIP, little one, I know where there's a gentle Golden Retriever who will be happy to be your pal...

Eric, the Straight White Guy (are you sure, Eric - you seem to need to make sure we all know that...) tells tales of woe of living in a dry county down south. No wonder he hangs out so much at Madfish Willies that one of the barstools has molded itself to his butt....

Allah is, well, Allah.

The Curmudgeon is all over the map, as usual. Entertainingly, of course!

Jeff over in the Backcountry is sportslike, political, a little military and very orange. I think he favors some eastern football team or something, but I'm not sure. He did drop by tonight though, and for that, we thank him.

The Ghost of a Flea talks about Black Sabbath and Star Trek right next to each other. And dances, as well. We here at Castle Argghhh don't feel like dancing today. We're wallowing in self-pity, which is odd, since it's Mickey that died. I'm sure it was far harder on her than I. We do so like the mix of the Flea's academe, culture, anthropology, and appreciation of the Dungeon of Castle Argghhh!. It's alway nice when you run across a University Prof who likes and appreciates guns. Of course, the Flea is working his ass off at several jobs... so he isn't a typical tenured parasite, either.

Darth, one of the first to blogroll me, is being lazy. Possibly because he had himself neutered for Thanksgiving. You'll never look at frozen peas the same way again.

Over at the Spoons Experience we see that the media is annoying. D-uh.

Blaster, over at Blaster's Blog, takes on stupid politicians (again, d-uh) and Jesse Jackson (who resides in his own, special category). [Update: I forgot the link! Fixed now. Apologies, Blaster!]

The King of Fools has a post discussing where hanging around academics can lead you to G-d... for all the wrong reasons. I think we need not fear for the Flea.

The Rottweiler Emperor is full of linky love (thank you, sire) as well as cold vitriol regarding the Hildebeest.

Eye on the Left finds some lefties annoyed at LGF's Fiskie Award. Lefties who don't understand their metaphors. It's TOE the line, doofus, not TOW.

The Army Wife sends her warrior back to war. Which makes me feel a little guilty for posting the Lessons Learned document, and offers some perspective that my loss does not equal hers. I understand the fear, ma'am. I once answered the door at 11 years old during Vietnam to find the Western Union man there. I know exactly what you fear.

The Patriette finds her motivation for her Doctorate. Aside from postponing wage-slavery that is.

The Grumpy Cripple in Atlanta has a link to very scary pictures. The host in a pensive mood could be a model for a Hallowe'en mask!

Frnak answers questions and offers excuses.

Blog o'Ram's link on my page has been fat-fingered. Please wait while I fix it.
There. All better. Since I just 'rolled them today, I don't feel too bad. Ah, mostly, they're just sucking up to Venomous Kate. Worthy.

Kim du Toit notices that Kyoto is not as popular as journalists like to tell you it is. Who'd a thunk it?

The lazy bums at An Old Saab offer lame excuses for a team blog being essentially dark for 16 days. But we'll be nice to them, as they were the first to blogroll us here at Castle Argghhh! So we'll settle for calling them weenies. Weenies.

Over at the USS Clueless, Den Beste answers Tacitus' 7 questions.

Matt over at Blackfive ruminates on why it's conservatives who man the barricades against the hordes. And seeming the left that only assaults them. Some narcissistic desire for self-immolation, perhaps?

LGF is an art critic today.

The Poop-Flinging Simian is annoyed with John Kerry, but pleased with Dick Gephardt. And has nothing but admiration for a brave young woman. I'm with him on the courage of the young surfer.

e-Claire is proud. Very proud. Good on ya.

Donnie, at Ain't Done It is on the road to change his duty status from Reserve to Active. You go, dude! Ya still owe me the beers, though.

Jen Martinez is annoyed with the military honors rendered Howard Dean's dead brother. Unless there is some hidden governmental service connection we're not aware of, so am I.

Kevin at The Smallest Minority thinks the Dems are sore losers. Um, Kev, d-uh.

The Acidman sets himself a goal. I'd say he's well on his way to success. Cat picture for you today, Acidman!

Owen, one of the pair of Aggies at Boots and Sabers, takes on Howard Dean's intent to dismantle media conglomerates. Well, putative right-wing ones, anyway.

DC is annoyed at Illinois politics. In other words, SNAFU, in the acronymical sense. Hey, I made up a word!

She Who Will Be Obeyed (aka the Spousal Unit) is away this week, blogging briefly from Reno. Aside from marveling at the concept of penny slots, she demands you go vote in the Nekkid Blogging Logo Poll. I simply point to her blogtitle and ask, do you really want to find out what will happen if you don't?

No, you don't. I know - and you don't want to. It doesn't bear enduring. She's THAT good.

She is happy to report that Reno 911 on Comedy Central is NOT a reality show.

The Commissar has a sore shoulder, has learned (as have I) how to get some color and borders into blockqoutes, and has some comments on commies and beauty pageants.

Well, there. I'm through the blogroll. Mickey is still dead, dammit. But at least I'm not crying anymore. Entropy still sucks.

[/self-pity mode]

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