November 25, 2003

Horses and Dogs own me. So do cats. So I can identify.

e-Claire has a diatribe on humans stupid monkeys and their animal pals. And how human stupid monkey/animal pal interactions get reported.

I despise cops who are too quick to shoot dogs. (I have some experience here, and I've been a cop, long story). And even more, I despise cops who, when they decide that a macho response is in order, can't do it right.

No, I don't give the benefit of the doubt to the trained professional. Remember - that's why libs think it's okay if they have guns and we don't, and shouldn't.

Piffle. I'm every bit the trained professional they are. To include shoot-don't shoot.

If any cops read this, you know what kind of cop I'm talking about. The one who, while ready to agonize at the bar over his reluctant decision to kill the vicious beast, is the same guy you can't get to keep his damn piece in the holster on a routine traffic stop. I may be maligning the particular officer here - but jeez dude, learn to shoot, wouldja?

Oh, yeah - to be fair - the woman who released her dog? Also an idiot whose softheadedness regarding her pal lead to this tragedy. I've got a wonderful 13.5 year old Golden Retriever who we walk two times a day, minimum (and it has greatly enhanced the quality of her life at her age). I never let her off her leash. Why? Because she's in a human world, but looks at it through a dog's, and a long time back in her line, a wolf's, eyes. And I love her too much to let her make a perfectly (to her) logical but bad decision. That's MY responsibility.

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Claire briefed on November 25, 2003 07:50 PM

Exactly. I appreciate the benefit of your experience on this.

btw - Petey and Willy are some dam nice lookin' hossies. Seems like y'all have enough to do to fill up the days . . .