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September 14, 2003

Helping my buddies accessorize...

Below you can read the tale of Max, my M1910 Maxim Gun. What I left out of the original tale is that along the way, Max lost his shield. Max and I were surfing eBay one day and saw one. Max got very excited, and since people (and guns) who need shields are really pretty rare, the market is actually somewhat depressed, there being more shields than guns lacking them. So, Max made me bid. We won it, cheap.

A naked Max.

After it arrived, I learned something new about Max - info he had hidden from me, lest I decide to *not* get him his new shield. B*st*rd commonists actually made guns without shields, and so there were *two* different pins. And the pin on Max's chassis wasn't the correct one. Max assures me that his Finn gunners did it - because like many of us soldiers, the shield was heavy, made the gun position harder to camouflage, and, well, it was heavy, wheels or no wheels. So they ditched it.

Max, waxing nostalgic for his shield, suckered me. Arrggghhh!!! Okay. What to do?

What to do? Using the milling/drilling/lathing machine Wonder Wife (TM) v3.x got me...


I made him one, of course.


Using an original pin borrowed from Good Guy (TM) Bob Naess of Black River Militaria, I made a new one out of stainless steel. Simpler, to be sure, less polished, and I needed help - but I made one.

It fit nicely. Max was very pleased. So was I.


So there ends the story of how Max Got His Shield Back (Apologies to Stella).