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November 18, 2003

Gun-loving Lawful Citizen Trusting Cops 1, GFW Nanny-stater paranoid distrusters of the public, 0

Cops making GFW's upset. What could be better? Jed at Boots and Sabers has a post about a police department running a gun raffle.

Money quote from the article cited by Jed:

"Tom Mannard, executive director of the Chicago-based Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence, said guns like the CAR UTE Elite may not be on the banned list, but they basically are cloned replicas of assault rifles that are, like the Colt AR-15."

As Jed observes, any magazine-fed, semi-auto shooting the .223 round would in the broadest sense qualify as a 'clone' in terms of what makes it dangerous in the hands of someone who is already intent on violating the law. The rifle being raffled does not have the evil features of a bayonet lug (seen lots of use in drive-by-bayonetings and police asaults I might add - I thank the GFWs for having that feature banned), flash hider (vice a flash suppressor, which is legal and does essentially the same thing), and we can't forget the rifle-grenade launching capability (see comment about bayonets above). And don't get me started about pistol grips. Did you know they needed to be banned because they helped the shooter be more accurate? (sound of head imploding) Why, I'm ducking stray rifle grenades all the time (but remind me sometime to post about what a hoot it is to shoot tennis balls from a cup discharger - the thing on top!). Well, a certain combination of those features, anyway.

Apparently it's okay to mount your bayonet and shoot grenades if your rifle is bolt-action and or doesn't have a high-cap magazine and a pistol grips. Like the two rifles at the bottom of this pic... (sound of head imploding again). Depending on the courage of the politicians (and that statement is true whichever side you take) as of this posting, there are only 300 days, 15 hours, and 5 seconds left until the sunset of the 'Some Guns Are Ugly and I'm a Gun Fearing Wussy with Aesthetic Problems Ban', less accurately known as the 'Assault Weapons Ban"

Anyway, good on the boys in blue for walking tall.

If ya want to read the article in question, go read Jed's post and link from there!