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November 18, 2003

Kewl. Good Gals 1, Goblins, 0

In response to Beth's post about my Gun Fearing Wussy, a reader left this comment,

Funny thing about that "compensation" thing is that Sigmund Freud, who gets much of the blame for that notion, actually stated that a fear of guns was a sign of arrested sexual development.

My response to that charge is to point out that if my wife had been equipt with that which a gun supposedly compensates for, she might not have needed one. We'll never know for sure, as the man who kicked in the door of her apartment left without making his intentions clear even tho her first two shots missed him.

I suspect either The Smallest Minority, Kim du Toit, or myself would be more than happy to offer up some training in combat shooting, in case there is a next time, and your Amazon doesn't wish to give two warning shots before firing for effect.