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November 16, 2003

So, when can we officially declare it a clash of cultures?

I see the Raisin Seekers of the Gimme My Virgins! Brigades are at it again, bombing two mosques in Turkey. Y'know, how long has it been since western militaries stopped specifically targeting places of worship? Pretty much centuries. Yeah, they get hit by accident, and if the bad guy occupies one you are entitled under the Geneva convention to shoot back. But heck, our Rules of Engagement these days generally prohibit shooting back at sites like that unless you are receiving EFFECTIVE fire from that location. Given the general state of fedayeen marskmanship, you pretty much have to be within 100 meters and they have to have automatic weapons. So, it's easier to pull back to three hundred meters and not annoy some lefty media type (who hasn't seen the inside of a church in decades nor gives a hoot in hell about 'em if they're christian) and get them all upset about you shooting at some bassid in a church shooting at you. Sigh.

These asshats just go for the gusto.

These guys apparently aren't going to be happy until all churches and synagogues suffer the fate of the Hagia Sophia in May, 1453 or they're dead.

I say accomodate them. No, I don't mean let them have the churches and synagogues. No, I don't mean kill the entire Muslim world. But winkle the Raisin Seekers out, hunt 'em down, and kill 'em. Like the Brits did to the communist insurgents in Malaysia.

There is no compromise with these people. Go read Misha's rant on the subject. Westerners out of the middle east is only one step. This is war to the knife, and it's time to recognize that at a political and societal level. That doesn't mean we don't try to build bridges - but it does mean that some asshats don't get to cross, and the 'other side' has to push the bridge over from their bank, too. The Raisin Seekers? They just get to be fertilizer. I do not acknowledge any legitimacy in their claim of the right to rule me under Sha'ria. Bite me.