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November 15, 2003

In order to honor National Ammunition Day, I have to use up some.

So, to create the necessary space, I'll go shoot some up today.

A group of like-minded individuals from my Rotary Club are going to meet at a member's house and do a 'theme shoot'. Today is the Spanish American War. Krags, Trapdoors, M189X Spanish Mausers. I'm also going to take along my Inglis Hi-Power and my Enfield .22 trainer for later. A little history and coffee before we get cranked up, then go slaughter paper! I'll take my camera - if I get any good shots, I'll stick 'em up.

UPDATE: Shot a M1892 Krag, a M1893 Spanish Mauser, Springfield Trapdoor, Colt Peacemaker, Colt M1909 Revolver, Luger, Browning Hi-Power, M1A, No1Mk7. I used up about 150 rounds of 9mm, and about 100 .22 cal. So, now I'll have to go buy bulk 30.06, .303, 8mm Mauser, and other. And by bulk, I mean cases. Oh, yeah - except when I was showing off with the Browning, all rounds were in the black at 75 meters, standing freehand. Shot the Browning with the shoulder stock - it doesn't help much, and ensures your thumb will get whacked by the hammer. At least if your hands are as big as mine are!