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November 14, 2003

Improvised Explosive Devices in Iraq

I've been forwarded an unclassifed brief on IEDs, Improvised Explosive Devices, being used against Allied Forces in Iraq. You military geeks will probably find it interesting.

Upshot of the brief is that we don't have enough of the right kind of stuff to deal with this problem - but it's getting better. We obviously are doing some shopping with the South Africans, who have a lot of expertise in this area, both operationally and in technology.

My read, it's going to get worse before it gets better - but it will get better (that's a pure military perspective, the political situation can change all that pretty quickly).

They (the goblins) are learning and adapting. So are we. Right now, I think the goblins are ahead, though not by all that much. As we redirect resources and effort to the problem, it's going to get harder for them to carry out these attacks. That doesn't mean they are going to end, for the goblins are clever to, they will also adapt.

Hopefully our approach to this is spiral - while we have people working to solve the problems, hopefully a different group of people is thinking like goblins - and we are trying to do some predictive analysis about how the goblins will adapt and evolve.

Click on the photo to go to the brief.

Update: Check out the comments, and follow the links in them to Blaster's Blog where he expands on my theme with his more extensive expertise.

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