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November 13, 2003

Girls and Guns.

Thank heaven I married WonderWife™! While NotWonderWife1™ and NotWonderWife2™ were gun friendly, neither of them were like this, or not only let me, but encouraged me to hang a gun in the kitchen.

So it was with sadness I read this over at Richard Poe's Mens News Daily:

A gun store clerk told me recently that many young men come into his shop offering to sell their entire gun collections. They dump the weapons on the counter and announce, "I’m getting married and my fiancée says it’s either me or the guns."

As the Curmudgeon, who tipped me to this, observes: Kim du Toit was right.

Fortunately, I married a woman who bought me a $900 Charger-Loading Lee Enfield (number 5 from the top) and Vickers gun BEFORE we were married. And let me buy a Maxim after we were married (she liked it because she likes corrugated water jackets). And all this other cool stuff. That's the test I recommend for you youngsters - if they won't let you keep 'em, or better yet, buy 'em for you and point out good stuff at gun shows - find another one. They're out there, trust me!

One last test before proposing - take 'em to a gun show and evaluate their behavior! But, seriously guys - if you take your gun rights seriously, and she demands that kind of sacrifice... you've probably got some other disconnects in that relationship, too. The same goes for you gals, too. Though I don't see too many gun girls hanging out with Franken-style men.

Oh! Yeah, I forgot - if you do surrender to the demand, and you are near Castle Argghhh! and have some curio and relic guns, drop by. I'll give you a better price than a pawn dealer will!