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November 12, 2003

I got an email from a GFW* today.

There I am at work, slaving to catch up to Bill Gates, when I decide to take a break, surf a blog or two (yeah, I've got that kind of job!) and check my email.

In it was a missive from a stunned GFW who apparently wandered into Castle Argghhh! by mistake and thought he had entered a house of horrors.

After the normal spluttering about how could something like my collection *possibly* be legal, he lowered the boom, after reading my Blackfive and Madfish Willie post.

"But quite aside from the frightening overdose of obvious over-compensation and excess hostility displayed in your "collection" and your "writing" I simply cannot believe you openly display a GUN IN YOUR KITCHEN, RIGHT ABOVE ALCOHOL!!!! How irresponsible is that? ANYONE can gain access to that gun and hurt someone! If you have children, you should be reported to Child Welfare!" (emphasis in original)

Well, gee. Lessee. What to do, what to do. I know! I'll post a picture of the bar!

See? Evil, ain't it? First off, I doubt there are too many critters who know what caliber a Boer mauser fired. And happen to be carrying rounds with them. Mine are in a safe, elsewhere in the house. So, I guess he could club me with it. Of course, while he's trying to swing a rifle around in the kitchen, I'm carving back with a butcher knife, and WonderWife is grabbbing the Trench Gun.
Or, maybe just the ClueBat®.The only kid at home is 18. Being law-abiding, he'd go for an SKS from the selection here, eschewing a handgun until he's 21. But then, being in college, he isn't home much. Then there are the dogs to consider, as well.

And a knowledgeable thief isn't going to screw with a very rare rifle (verified Boer trophy piece from New Zealand) and screw up his chance to sell it.

So, like as not, I'm going to take the rifle from a critter and beat him with it. If only to save him from Wonderwife®, who will probably reduce him to so much hamburger for screwing with HER KITCHEN!

Anyway, Eric, this Margarita's for you - and the unknown Boer who carried this rifle, and the Kiwi who captured it. Now, if all you want to do is lecture, don't bother visiting the Castle, either in person or in digits. But, if ya want a history lesson like I was doling out on Veteran's Day and other days, pull up a chair, I'll pour the first one. But bring a bottle or two - the collection ain't as expensive as it looks, but it ain't cheap, either!

Oh, yeah. WonderWife® will tell you there is no compensating or overcompensating - at all. Ask her.

Of course, I might have to wire it to the mounts if I ever invite the Corner of the Bar Gang over. Sheesh, even that pussified Marine might be dangerous!

*Gun Fearing Wussy.

UPDATE: How many of you noticed the brass tumbler on the table next to the bar? Ooooo! Reloading components! Call in the Black Helos!

Another Update: WonderWife™ doesn't like GFWs.

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