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November 11, 2003

We interrupt this broadcast... talk a bit about trivial things. Trivial until you realize that the soldier's life is 98 percent boredom interspersed with 12 percent stark terror. Yes, I know it doesn't add up. The terror has a magnitude all it's own. Ask a vet.

Anyway, what do you do while you're sitting in the trenches waiting to go over the top or repel some asshole trying to ruin your day?

Easy. You pick your lice, treat your trench foot, and repair your uniform. With stuff like this:

On the left, german louse powder. Original. On the right, US foot powder, original, dated October 1918. It didn't make the war, obviously. Of course, if it did, it wouldn't be sitting in my collection, either? In the middle, a 'housewife'. That's what the troops called their sewing kits.

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