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November 08, 2003

Another reason I'll never live in NYC, legally, anyway.

HIH, Emperor Misha I, has a good rant about how things work in NYC thanks to the Sullivan Act (a gun-control measure enacted to keep racial undesirables from owning guns... a fact that doesn't bother liberal Gun Fearing Wussies).

Speaking of Gun Fearing Wussies - howcum the libs don't denigrate boycotting things when they want to do it? Oh, right, d-uh. They aren't about freedom. They are about control.

I have moments of cognitive dissonance when I run across their fear of the NRA. They portray the NRA essentially as this huge, megalithic bloc. True, so far. But they imply that it is composed of these deep-pocket gun makers and their corporate allies... except that most of the people in the shooting sports/firearms industry aren't Fortune 500 corporate exploiters with deep pockets. The NRA (regardless of whether you like how they are doing things these days, I have some gripes) is a well-run grassroots organization composed of lots and lots of normal (well, we think we are, "THEY" don't - "THEY" think we're monsters) people. This is what I think of "THEY".

Which of course is what annoys and scares them. Once again, a bunch of un-washed helots daring to argue with them about something.