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October 16, 2003

More GunP0rn™

I was busy yesterday, and will be again today, so my commentary will be light again (not that most of you come here for that...). Oddly enough, Misha links to my post yesterday, everyone comes here to look at the pictures, and goes back there to comment. Weird the way it works. Like reading your local paper and sending your Letters to the Editor to Time.

Anyway - as the discussion ran it's usual meandering way into a discussion of the various merits of which arm, which caliber, etc, Ironbear broke in with a comment "But absolutely nothing says "I love you" like a Carl Gustav M2 M550 round through the window..."

I was inspired. So here she is, that stocky little Scandinavian number, the M2 Carl Gustav 84mm RCL! So here's to you, Ironbear, GustavPorn™!

So, there she is on stage, all her bits covered, and the strap dangling deliciously akimbo on her shoulder. This little sweetheart was born in Sweden, and later emigrated to Israel. She came to the US after the IDF dumped her for another woman! Talk about miffed! She was dumped for her younger sister! She's still proud of who she is, and doesn't hide her identity from anyone.

Want to know more? Then come behind the curtain... no cover charge, no tip to the maitre 'd blog....

Here she is, having dropped her covers and exposed her bits!

Now she kicks up her legs and gives us an upskirt shot!

Here's a shot of her up-front bumps, for use by Manly Men™ who like a No-Frills Woman™ and want to get down and dirty up close! However, when she accessorizes, she can enhance those bumps and keep the Other Poor Dumb Bastard™ at a distance!

What!?! Who is this? Two of her friends, Illum and TP-HEAT have come to help out with the show!

Arrrrreeee ya ready to rrruuuuuuummmmmmbbbbbllleee!!!!!????? Here is her Sharon Stone™ shot!

And to top it off, (turn the lights down, guys - and check out the windows for the cops).

Wait for it.

Wait for it.

Here it is! Insertion!

Ooops! Looks like TP-HEAT has suffered pre-backblastulation!

Technical Non-innuendoed Note™: Now you can see how this particular reckless rifle works. Instead of venturis, the base of the cartridge case holds in just long enough to launch the projectile, then gives way and blows out the vent. This is why you don't stand behind a reckless rifle gunner, and why shooting these things from inside buildings is, well, exciting, to say the least!

BTW - LE-types... if you check the last displayed (vice linked) photo, you can see the brighter line just in front of the rifling? This represents the edge of the bore-diameter hole cut in the breech. She thoughtfully covers her ugly surgery scar with the cheek rest. And in the 'insertion' photos, you'll notice the round isn't all the way in - that's because she can't chamber ammunition any more, just like the applicable immigration laws specify. In short, she's legal, dudes!

My usual caveats apply!

Goblins - you have your own set of warnings.