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October 15, 2003

A New Service! Custom Gun Porn™!

Having had requests from two of my loyal readers (and certainly Gunner is my most prolific commentator!) I've decided to add a new service to readers of this site. If, in perusing the Gun Pics™ you find something that interests you in more detail (and it can be stuff other than the guns, too) feel free to leave a comment or drop a note, and I'll be happy to work it into the schedule and show you dirty, nasty, greasy guns, up close and personal! Banned in many countries and some counties here in the US!

Today's inaugural effort is for Emperor Misha and Gunner. Sphagin's masterpiece, the PPSh41, Lahti's masterpiece the Suomi, and a french burpgun, the MAT49, designer unknown by me, but with an interesting feature of a fold-up magazine. To save space (and spare the eyes of the unknowing Gun Fearing Wussy who finds himself here by accident, and as an aid to my bandwidth-challenged readership (you know who you are, you niprnet types!), only one pic on the front, the rest will be "behind the curtain" in the extended post... no charge, and since WonderWife™ hasn't installed any Paypal thingy like she's threatend, no tips, either!

Here ya go, Master of the Universe!

A nice, 1942 PPSh41 and a complete, if missing the red star, M1936 helmet.
There's another shot here.

Now go behind the curtain for Gunner's pics!

Front end view of the Suomi:

She starts to strip here. She's gone all the way, here! Full frontal firearms nudity!

Here comes her french partner! Ooo-la-la!

And once again, she starts to dance! And finally, ends her act with the splits!

Okay, okay - move along! Next group! You there - wash your hands, you filthy beast!

My usual caveats apply!

Goblins - you have your own set of warnings.

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