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October 14, 2003

A picture to please BradySchumerStein...

...because the weapons represented are in what would be their favorite mode for 'red state' voters, emasculated.


On top, in the background is the receiver area for a WWII-era Browning M1919 MG instructional cut-away. Yes, much larger than life. It's functional and complete, less the baseboard and the belt w/plastic bullets. Anyone know of some big red plastic bullets laying around, lemme know!

To the right of that is the butt of the DEWAT M1908 Madsen LMG, with the monopod for sustained fire.

Next in from from that, still on the right, the DEWAT M1919A6 is peeking his head up.

Next in is the DEWAT BAR. I may still yet spring for one of Ohio Ordnance's semi's.

In the center is a cut-away SMLE No1MkIII*. This is a beautifully done job.

The long wood thing is the haft of my saxon battle axe. The steel shaft is the haft of me swedish warhammer. Both of which can be seen to better effect here, along with the pretty SMLE cut-away and an australian armorers cut away, that had to have the barrel replaced to bring it into the country. Even though it wasn't shootable as-is, ATF still classifies the receiver as functional (not me, baby!) and therefore the overall length was too short.