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October 13, 2003

Glock fun! Gun movie instead of a pic.

Here's a movie for you guys who like your firearms a little newer than WWII, with a nod to Vietnam.

This thing would be expensive to feed, but seems remarkably controllable, all things considered. You'd be close to invincible in a one-on-one, and probably scare the hell out of anyone in a one-on-one+x fight.

Ya'd need lots of practice, to make sure you had good fire discipline so you didn't get popped changing magazines.

Gee, izzat a bad thing? Lotsa practice? Not if someone else is paying the fodder bill.

It's almost enough to make me wanno get a Class III license. Can't get one any other way unless you're a cop or military, as they weren't available pre-86 dang-it-all!

Though I suspect if I were cops, I'd think twice about issuing these as a standard side-arm. It might tempt the goblins to ambush cops to get a couple. Since I don't run on that side of the fence, I have no idea how hard these are to get otherwise.

UPDATE: The Emperor has approved (see comment below). All LC's may now procure the new Glock Imperator for use in service of the Rottweiler Empire.

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