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October 10, 2003

Okay, gun pic - kinda.

I owe you guys a gun pic today. Loyal Readers® of this space know that I don't just collect and shoot guns. You also know that I actually prefer soldier-used weapons to "two-tone yuppyguns," my idols at Kim du Toit and Boots and Sabers notwithstanding. Hey, there's room in the hobby for all of us. As Madison said in Federalist #13.5.6x, "In my Second Amendment there are many rooms." True, he was blitzed when he wrote it, and his coach driver edited it out, but it was there, trust me.

Anyway, not just the weapons, but all the fiddly bits that go with them. To that end today, I give you the contents of the Vickers Medium Machine Gun Gunner's case.


From the top, leather gunners case, fusee spring, oil can, spare lock, spring balance (for measuring spring strength), pull-through, driver/pliers, multi-purpose wrench, wire mesh cleaning 'gauze' (brit term), another pull-through, muzzle protector, and the leather pouch containing spare springs, pins, and whatnot. I have two of these, both pretty much complete, one is just brand-new, never issued (boo, hiss) and this one, well used (yay!). Some point down the road, after Great Kid® returns the digital camera, I'll do a spread on the platoon parts chest (you may run away screaming now).