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October 08, 2003

In honor of Dem defeat yesterday, let's do a gun pic!

Okay, here's stuff on the 'overflow' wall.

Alrighty then, from the top - a real scary one! Barely visible is a SMLE capable of firing grenades AND having the bayonet mounted at the same time! In fact, in order to loft grenades, you HAVE to have the bayonet mounted. I'm sure we'll be seeing these versatile weapons in the hands of gangs soon.

Next is another SMLE, this one fitted with a Parker-Hale target site, and acting as a holder for one of the bayonets. Below that is an Italian Vetterli-Vitali, one of the earlier magazine fed bolt guns. Below that is a Turkish Berthier carbine. Under that is a Savage-made Lend Lease No4 MKI, with spigot-type grenade launcher, and a brit version of the M31 grenade (light blue, inert dummy trainer), below that is a Long Branch (Canadian) No4Mk1, which, paradoxically, has a Savage bayonet on it. Next is the Japanese Type 94, complete, mum intact, monopod, aa sight wings. Battlefield capture, and marked by it's captor!
Bringing up the rear,a CE 42 Mauser, and last, but not least, a danish Madsen rifle. This one is Columbian, with the inletted disk. Madsen seemed to have a market analysis problem, producing a bolt-action rifle in 30.06 after WWII when the market was flooded with surplused arms, and everyone was going to semi/full auto with smaller cartridges. Didn't sell well.

Sorry for some of the cryptic descriptions - intended for the geeks who know this stuff. I'd explain better, but I have to hit the shower and go to work. Feel free to ask questions!