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October 07, 2003

Something a little different today.

The heart of today's pic is my Barr and Stroud No. 12 Rangefinder. This was used by the platoon leaders of Vickers MMG (medium machine gun) platoons to determine ranges to targets, so the guns could fire on them in defilade, or directly if they had to. Someday I'll do a long, boring post on how to hit things you can't see. I describe what's in the picture in the extended portion of the post.


From the left, you can see the muzzle of the M1919A6 (grey parked), the muzzle of the M1908 Madsen (black paint) and the big thing down low is the cut-away M1919A4 classroom instructional model. Just below the left end of the rangefinder is the top of a Vickers aiming post with light. Jumping over the center of the display case, we come to the covered muzzle of the Carl Gustav reckless rifle and the business end of the PIAT. The OD cloth behind the rangefinder tripod is the tripod carrying case. Gotta head to work, see ya tonight! Or maybe at lunch, if I get the time and have anything to say.